Website accessibility for people with disabilities

Our company is committed to make products and services accessible to all of our customers and we designed the website to provide good accessibility to people with a range of physical or cognitive needs. We believe that all people should be allowed equal opportunity and accessibility, and to allow the majority of the population to surf the website easily, comfortably and enjoy the services and the content published on it.

The accessibility features include the following topics:

Simple and straightforward navigation within and between the website pages. Option to change the font size (increase/decrease) on all of the website pages and navigation menu items.

A clear view of the website's components

Compatibility with various browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc...)

Adaptation to view the website in different resolutions

Option to display pages in color accessible to the visually impaired and color blind, I.E., light text on a dark background if necessary (grayscale, reverse contrast, high contrast, light background, highlighting links, readable font).

It is important for us to point out that despite our great efforts to make all parts of the site accessible, unfortunately it is possible that specific parts of the site won't be accessible. We will continue on our efforts to improve the website's accessibility. We are happy to be at your service for any questions, requests for information and/or suggestions for improvement.